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Fabric Journals. We are m
Fabric Journals. We are manufacturers of all kinds of Fabric Journals and use only Recycled Handmade Paper. This Indigo Print Fabric Journal comes in assorted sizes and are available is various prints. For bulk inquiry please contact us at #Fabric Journals, #Paper Journals, #Fabric Cover Journal, #Handmade Paper Products #MadeinIndia
Handmade Paper Block Prin
Handmade Paper Block Printed Journals We are manufacturers of handmade paper Fabric Journals which we use Upcycled Paper, each Journal contains 48 page and block printed fabric bounded. All Fabric Journals are Handmade and comes with display unit. Block Printed Fabric Bound Journal. Handmade Paper Journals, Made in Jaipur
Travel Journal At our fac
Travel Journal At our facility we are making trending products made up of Recycled Materials like Recycled Paper, Recycled Fabric, Hardboard and all organic materials. This is a Fabric Travel Journal suitable to Traveler's Journey. Coming with elastic bound it is rich in colors and made from Recycled Paper. Also known as Kanta Fabric Journal. It has 80 leaves suitable for easy writing. We are making Kanta Fabric Journal in bulk quantities for export & domestic purposes. #KantaFabricJournal #RecycledPaper, #TravelJournal #Traveler'sJournal #KantaFabric #HandmadePaperProducts
Handmade Fabric Journals.
Handmade Fabric Journals. Made of Recycled Handmade Paper this Journal is completely Handmade & Recycled in nature. Available is more color options and different size. It also has elastic and button closure to ensure safety of your inside paper. Handmade Paper Products, Handmade Fabric Journals, Made In India.
Handmade Fabric Journals
Handmade Fabric Journals Your best Travel Journal, which has recycled handmade paper 96 pages inside, completely Handmade & Environmental Friendly. It comes with Fabric tassel and cotton tied string. Available in various sizes and assorted designs Fabric. Handmade Paper Travel Journals. Made in Jaipur. Handmade in India.